I just bought a BL manga I’m so embarrassed omg

I’m staying at a rented house for a small vacation until Saturday morning and there’s no wifi there omg the only reason I can post this is b/c I’m in a bookstore

also the restaurant we went to earlier had the cutest waiter omg I was so thirsty

Hi there, whats the name of the anime you just posted about?

I don’t remember the Japanese title, but in English it’s Kids on the slope I think


People in this town they…They could be so cruel…♫


People in this town they…
They could be so cruel…♫


Albéniz SS14 


Name: Studio KillersOrigin: Denmark/United Kingdom/FinlandCreated in: 2011Genres: Electronic


Name: Studio Killers
Origin: Denmark/United Kingdom/Finland
Created in: 2011
Genres: Electronic